by Nick Satchell

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    releases November 9, 2017

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BiPolar Roller Coaster
Fat Chick
Move On
The Hardest Road
All I Remember
Ticking Time


Engineered @ Control For The Sun Studios & Capricorn Studios
Produced by Robert Garrity, Kris Towne & Nicholas Satchell


releases November 9, 2017

Michael Alan Hams - Drums
Robert Garrity - Bass
Alphadeus - Synths
Nicholas Satchell - Piano & Vocals



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Nick Satchell San Diego, California

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Track Name: Dream On Your Cloud
who you are
what you are
where you are
can you see the rising star?
say hello.
your drifting mind
sees patterns bind
but in space & time
perception makes you blind
say “hello”
and goodbye to what you know
there's something complex inside of this brain
and i'm longing to share it with you
i'm really hoping that i can explain it
if only my words the same that you use
there is no way to take harm from the danger
only exchanging what you're willing to lose
as better choices enter unawareness
are you scared you don't know how to choose?
the inner voice screams to grab my attention
the inner voice screams and grabs me
can’t you see?
what’s wrong?
were your eyes closed?
in a dream, they broke your heart
but you dream on your cloud
this makes no sense
there’s something that i’m missing
i can see parameters shifting
to only find a deeper trench
with less and less room to vent
win, lose or draw
i'm playing in suspension
must find a new way to break tension
so the cloud can carry me
away from this dependence and
Track Name: Inside of Us
throw away, throw away
words with no meaning
think before the next time you speak
stow away, stow away
those inner demons
watch them eat you up till you're weak
i know it’s not your fault
cuz it makes me cry too
stow away, stow away
those big decisions
take a step back to see who sets the choice
throw away, throw away
your inhibitions
and look deep inside for your own voice
i know you owe the world, it's true
but you owe yourself too
constantly weighing
one's considerations
against it's desires
in the face of the shared space
solders can grow in the land that is owned
If they're willing to learn
how to space out or dry erase
a lot are wondering to what's going wrong
positivity on one side and the next side it is gone
our time is limited to find out what we're living in
so show me what you're putting in or move the fuck on
tim taylor is dead
tim taylor is dead
we're living life here inside our heads
in spite of truths, in spite of you
we see these choices inside our heads
no matter what we choose, we stand to lose
we hear these voices inside our head,
there's right and wrong, but wrong feels right
live with the fear of what it's be to be dead
so scared to live, yet scared to die
blue angels,
i ask you
clear the sky
salvage all of my name
this world could be more than anything
but i have to be a part of everything
blue angels,
i can't feel you
in the night
this makes me believe
that maybe there's a time for everything
but you have to have a heart for everything
so i sing
for love
to find it's place
in my heart...
find your...
if you're as real as they say
then you better pick up
and hurry this way
our religion has lost it's way
so won't you please hurry up and
find a way
to my heart
Track Name: Road to Nowhere
you eat
you drink
you think
but what did i say to you?
there's gotta be something that will influence you
you peek
to seek a stake
in how you're gonna fill the role
deep in your mind you know you're
destined to be old
i’m in the mood and i want to find out
if it’s the road to nowhere
it’s awfully rude to be last to find out
i’m on the road to nowhere
sleep tonight
find an answer tomorrow
the work it sucks i know
they want you to commit your soul
without serving wishes
in those empty feeding bowls
so look inside to your heart
and maybe someday you will see
a state of fulfillment and inner self discovery
i’m in the mood and i want to find out
if it’s the road to nowhere
it’s awfully rude to be last to find out
i’m on the road to nowhere
sleep tonight
find an answer tomorrow
you're feeling lost
can’t find that steady ground
look up to others who
just let you down and make you feel a fool
don't blame yourself
look where they’re coming from
you can not save this world
but you know you have to live with yourself
don’t want to hear it
the ringing resignation
why is it hard to hear the truth??
don’t want to see it
who wants to stand and face it?
can't turn around to relive our youth
sleep tonight….
find an answer tomorrow
Track Name: Falling Astray
your waves crash into me
as i resist
your plans
your nature buries me
i’m sinking fast
in your sand
please lend a hand to me
and show me where & how
i should land
will forget the things
we do and say
and with so many lies we tell ourselves
it’s no wonder we
fall astray
i’m gasping for some air
the ozone layer
is just blue
these people sit and stare
we're losing rights
to choose
consumption's our sole care
yet we don’t even care
what’s in our food
we will be blinded by
what they say and do
they’ll scare us until we’re full
look in the mirror, is that even you?
you’re wounded and you hoped you could stop
but you know you shouldn’t
when you notice that the frequency’s loud
tune your mind to zero
and just go
with the
Track Name: Last Words
who am i to say i’m
in control
when there are so many ways
to bring a man down to the ground
shake up his only will to live
when the day came i
took the blow
although it felt just like a dream
the pain still weighs inside my heart
who thought that we could be apart?
i walked a thousand miles
to feel the sun
at times i felt complete
but was still missing one
i based my life for him
to be his son
never prepared for this
that he’d be gone
fearing the end
don’t want to feel this again
fearing the end
don’t want to live this again
i still bear the scars of that day
and with everyday
i feel my soul try to leave
i cried my heart on several pavements
and all i have
is in knowing that i’ll
never see him again
never feel him again
days move forth and swiftly
while memory fades
pictures are scattered in my brain
with pain that lives inside my heart
can't expect less that fucked up thoughts
I wrote a 1000 words
then tore them up
torn to a 1000 pieces
I tossed them up
I saw them in the air
as they came down
buried his cold blank stare
to be a fat frowning clown
not knowing one day
the truth would come my way
that I would know
what to say
I miss you
I really do
I wish I had told you
that I loved you
Track Name: Too Young
the core of existence
the nights we tried
faces of resistance
talk: “suicide”
response: “unforgiving”
time to decide
if life is what's worth living
too young
so far to fall
too young
to feel so small
enter and exit my brain
come on let's dance once again
may even call you a friend
until our dance meets it's end
talk: “do or die”
response: “in the middle”
can't say you tried
progress, way to little
too young
so far to fall
too young
to feel so small
enter and exit my brain
come on let's dance once again
may even call you a friend
until our dance meets it's end