Inside of Us

from by Nick Satchell

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throw away, throw away
words with no meaning
think before the next time you speak
stow away, stow away
those inner demons
watch them eat you up till you're weak
i know it’s not your fault
cuz it makes me cry too
stow away, stow away
those big decisions
take a step back to see who sets the choice
throw away, throw away
your inhibitions
and look deep inside for your own voice
i know you owe the world, it's true
but you owe yourself too
constantly weighing
one's considerations
against it's desires
in the face of the shared space
solders can grow in the land that is owned
If they're willing to learn
how to space out or dry erase
a lot are wondering to what's going wrong
positivity on one side and the next side it is gone
our time is limited to find out what we're living in
so show me what you're putting in or move the fuck on
tim taylor is dead
tim taylor is dead
we're living life here inside our heads
in spite of truths, in spite of you
we see these choices inside our heads
no matter what we choose, we stand to lose
we hear these voices inside our head,
there's right and wrong, but wrong feels right
live with the fear of what it's be to be dead
so scared to live, yet scared to die
blue angels,
i ask you
clear the sky
salvage all of my name
this world could be more than anything
but i have to be a part of everything
blue angels,
i can't feel you
in the night
this makes me believe
that maybe there's a time for everything
but you have to have a heart for everything
so i sing
for love
to find it's place
in my heart...
find your...
if you're as real as they say
then you better pick up
and hurry this way
our religion has lost it's way
so won't you please hurry up and
find a way
to my heart


from FROWNS AND CLOWNS, releases November 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Nick Satchell San Diego, California

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